Guidelines and Ethics In Seven Card Stud

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In playing Seven-Card Stud online, you will be meeting a lot of people with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities.  Sometimes, it will be hard – perhaps even impossible – to deal with these people.  For the sake of objectivity, following these ethical guidelines might not only help you deal with other poker players more easily but it might also even help you bridge the natural gap you and your opponents have in the online poker world.
Friendliness has its benefits.
In the end, it all boils down to the kind of sport that you are.  If you are friendly while playing Seven-card stud, players will want to play with you, whether or not they will lose.  You can do this by chatting with them and joking around.  There are many ways to be friendly in virtual poker, and chatting is not the only means.  Being ubiquitous in online poker forums might also help establish your reputation as a friendly poker player.  You can help in giving tips to amateur players, or if you are an amateur yourself, you can visit these online poker forums and approach the more learned players in Seven-card Stud.  The benefit here is more tangible, and they will want to help a friendly amateur player who wants and needs help in playing seven-card stud.
Composure is necessary.
It is always important to act composed.  If you’ve just won a particular seven-card stud poker round, there is no need to rub that fact in front of your opponents’ face by chatting with them regarding your win.  It’s even advisable for you not to talk about your win after a particular round if you want to maintain your relations with the players you’ve just played with.  Don’t make them feel inferior.  If you’ve won, celebrate with them, be genuinely empathic, or act like nothing happened at all.
Give credit where credit is due.
This statement simply refers to giving gratitude to the person who deserves it.  If you’ve just found out about a particular strategy, don’t act as if you’ve found it out all by yourself.  Make sure that you credit the person who specifically told you that strategy.  You can even share the strategy to other people if you think it won’t threaten your chances of winning.  Who knows, it might even give you good karma in the long run? Remember to be grateful to the people who taught you how to play Seven-Card Stud; such is the least you can do.

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