Myths Behind the Game of Omaha

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Omaha is one of the poker games often bombarded with myths.  More often, these myths are perpetuated by players who have less than exciting experiences while playing Omaha.  This article will help future Omaha players understand and appreciate the real game behind all these fuss.

Busting the Omaha Myths

Many poker players believe that Omaha is a game full of complexities.  It is sometimes compared to Texas Holdem, and this game is considered as the most complicated game of all poker variants.   The complexity of the game doesn’t come from the game itself but from the players of the game.  What do I mean by this?  Most of the poker games have their own level of difficulty.  It will depend on the player’s skills if he will put himself in a troublesome situation.  In short, don’t jump into deep water if you don’t know how to swim.  Omaha is not a complicated game. you only need to learn the basics, and you’ll realize that its not as hard as you think.

Most Omaha players would recommend not to raise before the flop.  Betting or filling the pot usually occurs before the flop.  This is where the opportunity for players to win big happens.  But the only problem is some players don’t understand that starting hands only exist before the flop.  In this case, the player’s tendency is to bet aggressively before the flop.  That’s why the idea of raising before the flop is a big no-no for most Omaha players.  Remember that, in the game, there is a forced bet used to fill the pot.  If a player makes a call, he will only give his opponents the opportunity to continue playing for free or you can raise and let your opponent put more money in the pot and his only option is to fold.  Don’t be scared to raise before the flop.  You can either raise or let them fold or take their money before the flop.  This is much better than giving the chance for players to play for free.


Some poker players consider bluffing to be impossible in Omaha.  But this notion may be wrong.  Bluffing is an important aspect in Omaha.  By using bluffing, you can get the chance to yield more money than what you used to.  Although, bluffing rarely happens in Omaha, but if it does, you will really win a lot.  This is no harm in risking some of your money.  Just make sure that when you bluff you will be the one who will benefit from the move and not the other way around.

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