Play Texas Hold’Em like a Pro

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Play Texas Hold’Em like a Pro

Texas Hold’Em is a skill game.  More of a strategy than a luck gamble.  In Texas Hold’Em, you get to bet four times which is double the chance compared to draw poker where you only get two chances.  This enables you to be more strategic with your play, and this is why it is called the thinking man’s game.

The Number of Players and Their Playing Style

The more number of players there are, the more chances of someone out there having a good hand compared to when you are only five or six playing.  When competing with nine other players, you have to be extra cautious and be a keener observant when playing large games.  It is also vital that you observe the playing styles and strategies of your opponents.  The moves they make and their body language say a lot on what they are probably holding.  This is also a reason why you should avoid games with so many players.  You may not be able to observe all of them correctly because they are too many.

Position is Power

Players in the early position have more to lose since they are the first one to post blinds without even getting to see the others play yet.  They should be playing good hands in the first place so they can play with less fear.  Players in late position, on the other hand, are more influential on the outcome size of the pot, especially in pre-flop.  Most of all, the dealer is in the best and most advantageous position since he gets to see all the players play before making her own move.  He and the late players can play with less fear and actually lose less compared to players in early position.  So as you can see, positioning is merely luck, you can position yourself in a table in such a way that you can work circumstances to your advantage.

Patience is a Virtue

In pre-flop especially, patience and discipline are very important.  It is important to keep in mind that you should only play a hand when you are in a position of advantage.  This requires a great deal of discipline as, sometimes, you get impatient about playing.  This strategy may be time consuming, but it’s well worth it since you get longer time to study other players and detect their weaknesses.  It takes a good player to make reasonable decisions.  If you have bad cards, fold before things get ugly.  It is better to be a tight player than a loose one, and you will be less likely to be on effexor.  Keep track of winning records and you will notice that tight players win more money even with unlucky cards.

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