Texas Hold’Em Tips and Tricks

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Texas Hold’Em Tips and Tricks

Texas Hold’Em is more than just a game of luck.  Here, you get to bet four times unlike in draw poker where you only get to bet two times.  This means you have more chances of deploying those strategies to increase your chances of winning.  Texas Hold’Em is called the thinking man’s game primarily because of this.  It is really more of a skill game than a chance game.

Position Matters

Position is literally your position in the table related to the dealer’s chip or button.  Yes, your position should not be random.  It matters a lot, so you should be strategic about it.  You might want to avoid the early positions.  These are the first three seats to the left of the dealer.  The first two seats are obliged to post on the small and big blinds while the third one technically starts the betting round.  These positions are more vulnerable not only because they have the probability to shed more money but also because they are being observed closely by opponents at later positions so that they may base their next moves on your move.

The strength of your seat comes from the fact that the dealer chip rotates in a clockwise manner.  The farther you are from the dealer’s chip, the more favorable.  This way, you get to observe more players before your actual turn.  You get to see which players fold, raise the bet or calls.  This can also help you analyze which cards are probably in your opponent’s hand by observing the way they play.  As the popular poker saying goes, “Position is Power”.

Starting Hands

Aside from position, patience and power are the chief elements in winning Texas Hold’Em Poker.  Probably the most important decision a player has to make is choosing to play a starting hand.  You need a stronger hand to play the starting position because you have more players ahead of you who will raise the pot.  One of the biggest mistakes a player can make is to play too many hands.  You get better attention on you hand if you play a few, or better yet, only one.  While waiting for your turn, be keen in observing.  You can get tons of precious information by watching the way your opponents play.  Knowing your opponents goes hand in hand with a strategic position in the table.

Finally, never show your cards if you don’t have to.  If you won, you already won.  No need to reveal your hand.  This will not only be unnecessary as it will also reveal a lot about the way you play and the strategies you employ.  This will make you vulnerable as your opponents will already know how to read you and your moves in the next games.  Poker is deceitfully simple, you just have to have correct timing and master the art of bluffing.

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