The Calculated Risk that is Online Poker

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Granted, anything worthwhile always involves a certain amount of risk.  When it comes to online poker tournaments, however, the question is not if players should take risks, but what kinds of risks players should take and when they should take them.

One Fell Swoop Versus Many Roads to Victory

One good question that poker players can ask themselves is whether or not to play their entire stack at any point in time.  Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, it may sometimes be better to go for multiple smaller rewards and build your stack that way.  This is can be especially helpful during the early stages of the tournament.

The thing to keep in mind is that there are many ways to win.  Reprogram your thinking so that you do not get stuck going for broke all the time.  It is perfectly all right to go for small-to-medium-sized pots instead.

One good example of this involves semi-bluffing.  If you have a strong draw, your opponent might fold, but even if he or she does not, you can flush instead and still win.

Size Matters

Before you take that risk, always consider the size of your opponents’ stacks.  The smaller the stack that a poker player has, the more likely he or she will take risks out of sheer pressure.  Likewise, players with larger stacks at their disposal are more likely to feel more positive and in control.  On the other hand, those with medium-sized stacks are targets for blind stealing, and they’re unlikely to call you regardless of what stage the tournament is in.

Basically, just observe your opponents and their stack sizes, then plan and act accordingly.

Watch Out for Individual Playing Styles

It’s not uncommon to see poker players’ good or bad habits coming out during tournament play.  Use these to your advantage.  For example, does your opponent tend to raise practically every hand?  Then why not time a re-steal and win some chips for yourself?

Risks are unavoidable in games like poker, anyway.  Taking big risks may be all right from time to time, but doing it too often will get you KOd.  Play smart through stealing and build up a healthy chip stack toward the final table.

All in all, be aware of the situation you are in at all times, weigh the risks against the rewards, and adjust as you go along.

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