When Texas Hold’Em became Popular

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When Texas Hold’Em became Popular

Texas Hold’Em is the most popularly played variation of the game poker.  It is the main game played in many casinos, and according to statistics, it is estimated that there are more than 10 million active players of Texas Hold’Em the world today.  The word “Poker” came from the German word ‘pochen’, which means “to knock”.  This is mainly because you knock or tap the table when you “call” another player during a game.

Birthplace of Hold’Em

Very little is known on who particularly invented this game, but if he was known, he should have been very popular especially nowadays.  Although little is known, history is certain that the official birthplace if this game is at Robstown, Texas.  After being popular in Texas for quite some time, a group of Texan gamblers introduced this game in Las Vegas.  It still wasn’t called Texas Hold’Em that time.  It was simply called Hold’Em.  Unlike in Draw poker where you only get to bet twice, in Texas Hold’Em poker, you get four chances to bet.  This means you get to be more strategic.  Texas Hold’Em was popularized as the thinking man’s game.  Mainly because it is a skill game and not merely a luck game that it became popular.

Hold’Em Reaches Las Vegas

For quite several years, only the legendary Golden Nugget Casino located in Downtown Las Vegas offered the game.  Let’s say it is not really a very suitable location and place for rich gamblers to play.  It didn’t catch much attention.  Because of this, professional players looked for a better place to settle Texas Hold’Em.  Tom Moore, one of the people who brought Hold’Em to Vegas, included Texas Hold’Em to the Second Annual Gambling Fraternity Convention in 1969 along with many other games and poker variations.  After this, Hold’Em became quite popular as it moved to Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas.  Soon, it became the main event in the World Series of Poker.  After this event, Texas Hold ‘e, gained steady popularity over the next twenty years.

21st Century

Texas Hold’Em’s popularity boom started on the year 2000.  Its exposure in TV shows, movies and the internet is mainly responsible for this.  The no-limit betting variations of Texas Hold’Em is the one particularly made famous by media.  It has been adopted by many US casinos from then on.  It has been a main event in the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour from then on.  Nowadays, because of the internet, you can play poker in the convenience of your own home.  This is quite popular nowadays but still, the thrill and excitement of playing it on a table with other players on a casino hasn’t died out.

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